The Trust Advantage At Caprara Barristers

At Caprara Barristers, we are dedicated to excellence and professionalism in advocacy. We rely on an invaluable team of lawyers and staff to provide clients with personal service every step of the way.

A lack of knowledge leaves many an unsuspecting client celebrating resolution that's far from fair – but never on our watch. At Caprara Barristers, we have the capability to accurately assess a case and we know how to turn our strategic assessments into results.

Both traditional and unconventional, we take our clients' matters seriously. We operate as a team with multiple perspectives and one unified vision. Above all, what differentiates us from other Toronto firms is the fact that we conduct ourselves in accordance with three core truths.

1. Be courteous even when you're tough.

Experience has taught us that we can achieve more when we conduct ourselves in a courteous and respectful manner. That's why we always take the high road, even when emotionally invested clients may find themselves otherwise inclined.

2. It always pays to be prepared.

Our lawyers prepare for trial at the start of every case and opposing counsel knows it. In fact, our reputation for readiness for court frequently gives us leverage to negotiate optimal outcomes through resolution.

3. Perspectives.

We only hire thinkers. Our team is comprised of opinionated professionals and their perspectives are always welcome. In fact, they're encouraged because the more bright ideas we generate, the better we can serve our clients.

When we're not busy putting forward our clients' interests, we're leading the development of legal knowledge in our firm and the profession as well as continually expanding our sphere of influence so that we can better serve you.

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